September 03, 2020 2 min read

  White sportswear - what usually holds you back choosing the colour of sportswear? 
  The top "cons" probably are that white clothing is not as slim as the darker ones, and they get dirty more quickly. I could agree. But then, on the other hand, think about this - "white represents purity, perfection and cleanliness. We feel good when we wear white, even if it "isn't our colour". While wearing white can give us a feeling of confidence, peace and calm".
  For a minute, think about the last time when you wear something white - it feels good, right?
  My first piece of white sportswear was Evergreen leggings

Ok, yes, they are only half white, but I think it's a great start with white sportswear. 🧘‍♀️When I wear them, I feel more noticeable than others, and that somehow gives me more power to participate in gym sets.
  One of the biggest problems with white clothing is that they could lose its brightness and white tone, but as ENTROO leggings are making with a sublimation method, that will be the last thing in your mind.
  My above mentioned Evergreen leggings after several washing times are still white as on the first day (and forest part still as green as it should be).

Bright, super soft and comfortable - that describes ENTROO leggings.

So, what you will get ordering white ENTROO sportswear - 

  • more comfort and more confidence;
  • the sportswear that makes you feel free;
  • flattering contrast to tanned or darker skin tones (love this 🔥);
  • coordinates well with all colours (so you can also refresh your gym wear look not buying a full set);
  • working outside in sunny days white sportswear will keep the body temperature cool because white doesn't absorb the warmth of sunlight like darker colour clothing;

Some inspirational white products from ENTROO – buy here white biker shorts:


Combine them with white padded sports bra  


Or buy white yoga leggings